More from the Kapaleeshwar Temple - Mylapore

Kapaleeshwar Temple, goluThe Kapaleeshwar Temple at Mylapore is bathed in Hindu culture. If you are looking for a culture fest, come here any day. A festive day would be better. Like Navratri, the nine-day festival that precedes Diwali, the festival of lights.

Kapaleeshwar Temple, golu These photos were shot on the 4th day of the Navratri festival. The arrangements you see here is called the 'Golu' in Tamil.

Kapaleeshwar Temple, goluDolls, rather clay models of all gods, goddesses and even animals considered holy by Hindus form part of this riotously colorful tableau.

Kapaleeshwar Temple, golu Here, I presume it's Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, presiding over the tableau. Notice the lotus flowers arranged on the fringes?

Kapaleeshwar TempleLord Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles. (That reminds me of my friend who was frantically searching for his 'obstacles'. Turned out that he was actually searching for his spectacles. LOL).

Kapaleeshwar TempleThis is not taken inside the main temples, but at a temporary shrine built just for Navratri.

Kapaleeshwar Temple Notice the traditional attire of the priests.

Kapaleeshwar Temple An arrangement... 

Kapaleeshwar Temple Sadhus at the foot of the Himalayas.

Kapaleeshwar Temple The arrangement being completed, by a devotee or trustee, I presume.,

Navratri falls around September/October. Check a Hindu calendar for the dates before you decide. But like I've mentioned before, even otherwise the Kapaleeshwar Temple is a feast to the eyes and balm to the soul.

Read my previous post and see more photographs here.


Ajanta Caves India said...

Kapaleeswarar Temple is a well known landmark located in the heart of Mylapore and is visited by several thousands, especially during the famed ‘Arupattu Moovar‘ festival in the month of Pisces. The Teppam or float festival in the large temple tank, and the biweekly Pradosham festival also draw huge crowds. It is also called by locals as karpagambal temple. The 1,300 years old temple have won an ISO certificate for being the Best Maintained and Administered Temple in the State.

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TheTravelAngel said...

Kapaleeshwar Temple was amazing to see. The thousands of sculptures on the buildings are very fascinating and it was very interesting to learn something more about hinduism.

:-) Jane

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Instinctive Traveller said...

@Thompson. Thank you for visiting and your kind words. Would love to join the debate at chennaichatter. See you there.

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Catherine Tramell said...
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Nithi bha said...
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Swathi Manikireddy said...

This temple is very peaceful, good and well maintained. If some body is visiting Mylapore, then i recommend to visit this temple once. It will be very peace and comfort for their heart. See more infromation about How To Reach the temple. Happy Hop Around India........

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angelin williams said...

Really nice images.
Ofcourse Kapaleeshwarar temple is a landmark in the Chennai city. The temple is dedicated to God Shiva as Kapaleeshwarar and divine mother Shakti as Karpagambal. Many know the legend and story behind the temple. But some of the interesting and unique facts about the temple are..
1. It is believed at the time of Yuga pralaya (dissolution of cosmos) nothing remains except Lord Easwara with the Kapalam. He starts creation of new Yuga from this Kapalam. Hence the name Kapal – eeshwarar.

2. God Rama worshipped here and won the battle against Ravana.

3. Angam Poompavi, daughter of Sivanesa Chettiar got her lost life here.

4. Vaayilar Nayanar, a Fakir achieved redemption here.

5. The birth place of Thiruvalluvar, who wrote Thirukkural, was Mylapore.

6. It is one of 275 ‘Paadal Petra Sthalam’ temples

Hamida H said...

Hi Rajoo,
‘Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary’, gave a real picture on the still remaining beauty with the traces of Chennai.

A big applause for such an insight on ‘More from the Kapaleeshwar Temple’…it’s in my bucket list ;)

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