St. Thomas Mount

Apostles Convent, St. Thomas MountThe Holy Apostles Convent. Come here for the view. You can even have a snack and tea while you enjoy it as there is a tea place here.

Statues at the St. Thomas MountThere are more statues like this all over the place. I actually didn't shoot many pics as my camera developed a zoom problem.

View from the St. Thomas MountThe view from the top.

View from the St. Thomas MountAnother view from the top.

Actually you can see the Chennai airport from here and watch take-offs and landings. Most people crowd around for that alone. But this place is much more than an airport view point.

This place is a part of recorded history, so don't miss it.

Jesus on the cross at St. Thomas MountThe sculpture of Jesus on the cross.

Banyan tree at St. Thomas MountThis banyan tree is massive. And very, very old.

Col. William Lambton, St. Thomas  MountRight under this banyan tree sits the bust of Col. William Lambton, born 1753. Apparently, this genius in trignometrical survey launched his field work from St. Thomas Mount.

Col. William Lambton, St. Thomas  MountSt. Thomas Mount gets its name from Saint Thomas, the apostle of Christ, who is believed to have been martyred here. A church built in 1523 by the Portuguese and dedicated to Mary stands at the summit of this 300 feet high mount. People believe that the altar of this church was built on the very spot where St. Thomas died in AD 72.

Read more about St. Thomas Mount here.


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